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Family day spa, Bachelorette party, Bridesmaid parties, and More

Looking for a social and luxurious group massage experience? Maybe your family is looking for the perfect relaxing group get away in Santa Barbara? Are you looking for a perfect destressing experience for the bride and maid of honours before the wedding day? 

It has never been easier to plan a bridesmaid party, bachelorette party, or other group outing in Santa Barbara.  Massage Green is the number one group outing for you to turn to. At massage green, we offer the most luxurious and relaxing experiences for your group.  Keep calm as you plan your Family Day spa, Bachelorette party, Bridesmaid parties, or other group activities in Santa Barbara with Massage Green.  

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Bridesmaid & Bachelorette Parties

Planning for a wedding can be stressful. From planning the guest list to selecting the perfect wedding dress and choosing the right table cover. Therefore, hosting a spa bachelorette or brides maid party can be the perfect way to distress, reconnect with your friends and relax enjoying a luxurious group massage experience in Santa Barbara. Enjoy yourself, your past and present friends while sipping a chilled cocktail before the special day coming up.  Spa treatment during a bachelorette party can be an invaluable present to the bride or way for the bridesmaids to distress from all the planning going into the big day.  

Family Day Spa

The Best memories are with your loved ones. In building a great family, memories are a powerful way of keeping the bond strong. It is important to create the best of memories possible. One of the perfect ways to do this is to plan a group family day spa. Family days do not need to be limited to movie nights, zoo visits, fishing etc. You can decide to make your family day a “family spa day.” A Family Day Spa can also be a great outing during reunions and anniversaries. You get to treat your bodies to complete relaxation in a cool serene environment while reminiscing of memories you had together with your life long loved ones. 

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Couples Group Massage

While dinner and a movie is great, what better way to start or end a date night than with spa time!   Massage Green of Santa Barbara is the luxury both deserve to be treated with, and sharing a spa experience is likely to be a memorable experience that will be cherished for time to come.